Video: 2001 Honda CR125 2-Stroke L.A.SLEEVE Project Bike

Updated: April 15, 2019

Project 2001 Honda CR125 2-Stroke build. Yes this is a 2001, and no the Polisport CR Restyle kit does not bolt right up. This project was updated with 2003 gas tank, subframe and airbox before the Polisport kit was installed. As you can see there are a host of companies involved on this build, including L.A.SLEEVE, Bolt Motorcycle Hardware, Faster USA, Factory Connection, Tag Metals, TM Designworks, Maxxis Tires, Boyesen, Samco Sports and the list goes on. We installed Boyesen ignition and clutch covers along with bright red Samco Sport silicone radiator hoses.

The engine was completely rebuilt by the crew at L.A.SLEEVE using Wiseco performance products. While the engine was apart we decided to increase the horsepower, bumping the cylinder up to a 134cc. We added a complete Boyesen Rad Valve intake and Lectron Carburetor into the mix as well. Jared and his crew at Backyard Designs USA topped the build of with a custom graphics kit in a matte finish that went great with the SDG gripper seat. Factory Connection rebuilt and valved the suspension. We replaced most of the nuts and bolts on this build using a Honda kit from Bolt Motorcycle Hardware.

Check out more pics of this CR125 build here.

Courtesy of Dirt Bike Magazine