4-Stroke Head Service

Don't leave it to chance! Let L.A. Sleeve inspect your head. Our years of experience will assure you receive the proper service required. We will disassemble, inspect, rebuild and re-assemble your head for you. L.A. Sleeve uses state of the art CNC machinery to cut valve seats. We are able to perform a standard 3-angle valve job or a performance 5-angle radius valve job. We can replace worn valve guides or install high performance guides. Let us replace your iron valve seats with our copper/beryllium seats to insure reliability and longevity of your titanium valves. This is not your father's Chevy 350. High performance engines are not fixed with a press and hand grinder. Do it right the first time at L.A. Sleeve.

Valve Job: 3 angle - 2 Valve Single Cylinder Head$124.95
Valve Job: 3 angle - 4 Valve Single Cylinder Head$174.95
Valve Job: 3 angle - 5 Valve Single Cylinder Head$200.00
Valve Job: Multi Cylinder Head - 3 angle$40ea valve
Valve Job: 5 angle Radius Race - 2 Valve Single Cyl Head$150.00
Valve Job: 5 angle Radius Race cut - Multi Valve$50ea valve
Valve Job: +1mm/2mm Oversize Radius$65ea valve
2 Valve Head Flow Port with Radius Valve Job$350.00
4 Valve Head Flow Port with Radius Valve Job (single Cylinder)$500.00
5 Valve Head Flow Port with Radius Valve Job (single cylinder)$550.00
Valve Guide: Remove, replace, resize (guide not included)$30.95ea
Valve Seat: Remove,replace, recut (seat not included)$68.25ea
Deck Cylinder head/base$60.00
Weld - repair damaged cylinder/head$50 and up