Shop Services

L.A. SLEEVE offers a variety of shop and machine services to get your engine back up to running at maximum efficiency. You can rely on sixty-six years of quality workmanship and experience to fulfill your requirements.

Bore Cylinders

2 Stroke cylinder bore job - service includes bore cylinder, chamfer all ports, hone cylinder to exacting tolerances.$90.00 per hole
4 Stroke cylinder bore job (single cylinder) - includes bore cylinder, chamfer any necesarry edges, and hone to exacting tolerances$90.00 per hole
Marine/Outboard bore job - bore cylinder and chamfer ports, hone to exacting tolerances$90.00 first hole
$80.00 each add'l
Automotive bore job - bore cylinder and hone to exacting tolerances$125.00 first hole
$95.00 each add'l
Hone Cylinder$45.00
Hone Cylinder - Nikasil$55.00

2 Stroke Cylinder Repair

2 Stroke Re-Sleevevaries
Repair/Rechamber damaged single cylinder head$75.00
Mill head for High Compression/Big Bore$100
Repair/Rechamber damaged twin cylinder head$180.00
Helicoil stud holes$25ea hole
Deck Cylinder head/base$60.00
O-ring Cylinder head groove$65.00
Power Valve Modification/Repair$65.00
Weld - repair damaged cylinder/head$50 and up
Port & Polish 2 Stroke$350

4 Stroke Cylinder Repair

4 Stroke Re-Sleevevaries
Weld - repair damaged head$50 and up
Deck cylinder head$60.00
Repair Seats and GuidesSee 4 Stroke Head Service
Valve JobSee 4 Stroke Head Service