August 29, 2016
Updated May 08, 2017

The first take of the Baja Dominator with Alex from Muc-Off didn’t go as planned. One thing is for sure, the Baja Dominator Honda XR650R is tow certified after towing the Honda XR400 from earlier episodes over 100 miles in Baja.

This episode sheds light on some of the difficulties encountered along Bermcannon’s Baja adventure such as having the correct documentation to cross international borders and dealing with heat-stroke.

The group meets back up with Crazy Mick from episode three! Join them as they visit several different locations beginning in Tecate and heading down Compadre, before crossing over to Laguna Hansen and grabbing refreshments at the Saw Mill.

Watch episode 5 of Bermcannon’s Baja Diaries for more on the tips and tricks to adventuring in Baja!

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