May 07, 2017
Updated May 10, 2017

Take an off-road journey down the Sea of Cortez in episode 9 of Baja Diaries. We check in with Tow Truck Alex, who is riding his Precision Concepts built Honda XR650R with us in Baja for the third time. After going over some of the items that might be needed for our five-day adventure, we begin our trip down to Gonzaga Bay which offers great riding and lots to see.

Cortez Dan joins us in his Polaris RZR 1000 at Hacienda Veronica, a ranch style resort about 30 minutes from the border in Tecate. This episode provides an inside look at the ranch as Mark speaks with the owner Alfonzo. See how he is carrying on a family tradition that began back in 1969 when his father originally purchased the land for bull fighting. Hacienda Veronica has been a destination for travelers in Baja for several years.

While traveling south along the Sea of Cortez, we make several stops to show the beauty that Baja has to offer. See how one destination known as Laguna Hansen, which is located in one of Baja’s National forests, has changed dramatically since recent episodes. Along this adventure, one thing regarding traveling in groups becomes clear; the bigger your group the greater chance you have of being separated. See how this challenges the group as they head in to Valley de Trinidad as part of their adventure in episode 9 of Baja Diaries.

Don’t miss the excitement as Mark leads the group down the Sea of Cortez to Gonzaga Bay on the Baja Dominator Honda XR650R, exploring the beautiful terrain of Baja California!

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