June 08, 2017
Updated June 08, 2017

Mark, Alex, and Gabe wake up early in San Felipe to start their adventure towards the Pacific while George and the other guys head to Mike’s Sky Ranch. See how being on the road for three days often leads to struggles within your mind and body in this episode of Baja Diaries.

The first stop on the Pacific is Pirate Hotel, and at this point you can see how tired the guys were from multiple days of riding through Baja. It becomes clear that although being in Baja after a couple of days can be tiring, it also offers serenity for many.

One thing about Baja is that you should always be focused on the task at hand. If not your adventure may suffer as a result. Mark starts to notice problems with his Baja Dominator Honda XR650R. Watch episode 11 to find out what happens next!

As the group finally makes it to Coyote Cals they run into some old friends, which made for great story telling and bench racing before an amazing Mexican dinner. The troubles continued for the group heading out of Coyote Cals, and Mark experiences more difficulties on this Baja adventure.

With the problems fixed, the group makes it to Santo Thomas. This stop on the trip provides some great information from the locals in Baja. Finishing their empanadas in Santo Thomas, the group set out to finish their trip to Ensenada when bike troubles slowed them down once again. See how they respond to the problems and overcome adversity in their effort to reach Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico in episode 11 of Baja Diaries.

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