2013 Glen Helen 2-Stroke Championship

Wing dings are King, at this past weekend 2-Stroke Championship race at Glen Helen Raceway sponsored by MTA and L.A. Sleeve

L.A. SLEEVE manufactures cylinder sleeve liners for all popular four-stroke and two-stroke Outboard models. L.A. SLEEVE has been a leader in two-stroke sleeve innovation, design and installation for over forty years. We produce a wide range of outboard cylinder sleeves for current models to engines as old as thirty years.

Engine rebuilders find they can rely on the quality of L.A. SLEEVE outboard sleeves. Cylinder sleeves are manufactured from centrifugally-spun Moly 2000 iron alloy castings, which insure ease of installation and trouble free boring. This boreable chrome-moly alloy contains alloys found in today's plated cylinders, but will never peel or flake. L.A. SLEEVE's Moly 2000 cylinder sleeves feature superior tensile strength, transfer heat quickly and efficiently, insuring a dependable long life engine.

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