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Carburetor Services

L.A. Sleeve has been rebuilding and modifying carbs since 1975. We have the optimum match for your application. We will also modify your carb to increase the performance of the fuel/air mixture flow. Let L.A. Sleeve enhance your engine's intake and fuel performance.

Bore Carburetor (not FCR) for bigger diameter$70.00
Bore and Modify FCR carb to 43mm$200.00
Bore and Modify FCR carb to 43.5mm + Billet Center Section$250.00
R&D Power Bowl $250.00
Carb Mod + R&D Power Bowl Install$300.00
R&D Power Pump2 $144.95
R&D Power Pump2 Install + Carb Mod$169.95
R&D Flex Jet$34.95
Rebuild Carb with new carb repair kit (labor only)$25.00