L.A.Sleeve SEMA 2013 - New High Performance Auto Sleeves

L.A.Sleeve introduces new High Performance Auto Sleeves for Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Nissan, at 2013 SEMA. LASleeve also offers state of the art installation and machine services for your head and block.

Robby Bell Interview 2013

2013 WORCS Champion Robby Bell talks about the challenges of off-road racing and the power and reliability of his LAPC Pistons.

LAPC Athlete Robby Bell

Los Angeles Piston Co. athlete Robby Bell

2013 Glen Helen 2-Stroke Championship

Wing dings are King, at this past weekend 2-Stroke Championship race at Glen Helen Raceway sponsored by MTA and L.A. Sleeve

2013 MTA World Two-Stroke Championship Video: The Build-Up To April 7

See who you can spot from last year’s race: We see Dennis Stapleton, Michael Leib, Austin Squires, Justin Jones, Vince Friese, Chris Gosselaar, Doug Dubach, Mike Sleeter & more. Register and get more info on the 2013 MTA World Two-Stroke Championship

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